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Variable name is something that flexible. It can be change(refactor) any time by programmers. The purpose of variable is to store value inside it and use it as a reference later. It is highly recommended that variable’s name to be meaningful. Let say you are trying to store value of a cat named Lucy, your variable name can be catName.

After the numeric types, most common data types in Java programming is string and boolean. Let’s view those data types now. A string is 0 or more character surrounded by double quotes. So for example “hello world” is a string. Any character surrounded in double quotes become a string.

There are two main categories have numeric data types in Java, the int datatypes and the floating point data types. We’re going to begin by discussing the integral data types. The two main integral datatypes are int for integer and Long for long integer.

In this tutorial we’re gonna talk about the basic building blocks of the Java programming that include datatypes. This particular lesson will provide an introduction to data types in a reason for why we need to use data types in our programs.


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